Thursday, 2 September 2010

busy busy busy

My Aunt had a birthday BBQ this weekend, which was great to be able to go to a party and know that I’m not the only one that’s going to be covered in bruises bandages and on crutches. As most of her friends were too. No one looked at me funny when I dislocated my wrist trying to swat a giant wasp. (I got it too, with a lighter)

We went on our first family camping trip. Wow I thought camping was meant to be relaxing. All we did was stress out at each other, got lost, couldn’t find what we needed, as it was his bright idea to buy everything we needed on the way tent included. Ended up taking nearly 6 hours to do a hour and a half drive *face palm*. Dinner was crap, my son wee’d on me and was up screaming half the night. On the plus side I got pretty drunk which helped with the not liking camping and creepy crawlies. Also got to know my partners family and friends a bit more. Looks like well be going again. This time I’ll be taking more painkillers as managed to dislocate my rib, not too sure how but I think it maybe something to do with our camp bed. Or my partner’s brother coming into the tent early in the morning and shouting “FIRE” at the top of his voice.

My son had his first eye test. Not good results he needs glasses and maybe an operation. Not good the eye lady said he had the eye sight of an 80yr old not good when his not long turnt 2 . We should be picking up some temporary glasses which is half the prescription he needs till we can see a specialist. Connor seems to like glasses which are a good thing just wondering if the novelty is going to wear off, then we have hell trying to keep them on him. Or if as he will be able to see better his going to be into everything and anything and drive me mental as his going to be getting into trouble. We chose Mr Tickle glasses they look sweet but it’s so strange seeing him in glasses.

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