Thursday, 9 September 2010

Connors MRI Pre Assessment

Connor has an appointment with a sedation person today for a pre assessment for his MRI on Thursday. He has a hairy mole on the small of his back right near the base of his spine. The doctors are worried that some hairs could be growing on the inside and will interfere with spine. They tried to do an MRI before whilst he was mildly sedated, but a stupid nurse decieced to wake him and start talking to him while we was putting him on the MRI table. So the MRI couldn’t be done. 6hours up the hospital and he was sedated for nothing. This time no one will be holding or touching him other than me. I won’t let him be sedated for nothing again. If anyone does wake him up then I will be making an official complaint against that person.

*was ment to be posted 07/09/2010*

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