Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Me and Connor made cakes and biccys today. Around four plates of the damned things. Some of them were slightley burnt but then everything i cook is normally burnt to a cinder. I dont have a timer on my cooker so i wait till the fire alarm goes off to tell me its done :D


I had one hell of a migraine yesterday. My partner made me go to bed before 9:30pm. I sure needed it though as i slept almost 12 hours. I had some very weird dreams though. I remeber bits about them. Something about a dragon i had to ask something,but it was drunk and kept chargrilling people. Something about a car crash in which we all survived but ended up in a wildness camp with a bunch of crazies. Who kept trying to dance with us. The only sane person there was dwayne johnson (a former pro wrestler) who every few minutes would give me a teddy and a blanket and tell me it was nap time. Not a clue what any of it ment but woke up very confused.

Connors getting on well with his glasses, other then the fact his bitten the plastic bits off that go on his nose. He can defiently see better now and has a tantrum if i dont give them to him first thing in the morning.

My teeth are really killing. Its been a month now, my gums wont stop bleeding, my teeth are more sensitive now then they were when the nerve was exposed. Im having to use the tooth paste for todlers as when i use adult ones even for sensitve teeth i end up crying where they hurt so much.

I have been crocheting like mad this week and have been thinking about starting a crocheting blog. I might just keep it all on here though as it makes it less stressful

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