Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Well I got my new cross stitches come through 2 days ago. I haven’t made as much progress as I thought I would due to it being more complicated then I thought. The instructions and graph thingy are harder to read then I am used to. I won’t bother putting a picture of it up yet as there’s not that much to see.

I have been working on enterlac, and can’t work out where I’m going wrong. The “wrong side” (part I’m working on) looks brilliant but the other side seems all messy and uneven, the colour changes don’t seem to be even, there’s uppy bits and downy bits. If anyone can tell me what I’m doing wrong please let me know, ill pay you in cookies :P. I also received my Tunisian crochet hook this week, now just waiting to find the perfect wool to test it out with.

"Wrong side"

The wrong side is kinda neat. 

The right side is messy and has some raised bits on it, as im sure you can see. Im not sure where im going wrong. If you think you might be able to help, please let me know, ill give you a cookie : P

Connors managed to total his glasses, glasses that are meant to be child proof. He was trying to get out the back door with a football in his hands. Normally he holds onto the doorframe, but this time he didn’t. Head first onto paving slabs. His ok just a couple of scratches and a lot of tears. The glasses took most of impact so he was bloody lucky. We have to take his glasses back on Thursday to have them mended. I can’t wait I didn’t realise how much he bumped into things without them.

My tooth seems fine a little tender but I can now eat “adult” food like mash potatoes, chocolate, bread again. No longer stuck with soup and mush. Yay thank you tooth for sorting yourself out. Damned dentists.

I seem to be waking up every couple of days with a headache from hell. Not quite a migraine but not far off it. I think it may be something to do with either stress or medication or possibly stress related to medication. It could be too much chocolate or not enough......personally I like the sound of that more then I should. It could be from the weather. I’m refusing to put the heating on yet. It could be from spending so much time on the computer. It could be due to trying to work out why I got a headache. It’s properly that one.

I also got a new laptop this week. It’s one that my partner used. Bigger screen, bigger keyboard, all-round better. I can now play the games I want to though I doubt it will improve my ability to play them. I play CSS a lot. I normally last about a minute and half. I am truly crap at shoot ‘em games.

I have an appointment with Professor Graham, who specialises in EDS, coming up next month. I’m looking forward to it. I have so many questions for him. As it’s almost 3 hours travel there I’m hoping to make a day of it and see some of the sights around London. We’ll properly go to see my partners mum as she lives on the outskirts. Is it a bad sign when you count an appointment at a hospital a day trip? Even better it’s a hospital I haven’t been to before, yay, only question is now, what supports do I wear and should I get the ones that match my undies?

And for all those who are having a bad day, I present to you this picture. I only turnt my back for a second. Imagine the fun I had clearing it up, bearing in mind I had only finished scrubbing the kitchen before dinner. Ta-dar

Dont you just love kids

Thursday, 23 September 2010

New cross stitch

I have ordered a new cross stitch. It’s a wolf one, bigger then I have done before. Just waiting for it to turn up is driving me mental. Can’t wait to start it. I do a lot of cross stitch in the winter, so I am stocking up. I have a few smaller projects turning up at some point. I tend to get bored so have a few on the go.

so excited , hurry Mr Postman

I have learnt how to Tunisian simple stitch and I have to say I’m addicted. I am waiting for a proper crochet hook for it to turn up. I went into my local sewing shop and they had never heard of it. Thank god for eBay!

I can’t work out how to change colour properly while doing enterlac. It’s been winding me up. I get so far and it looks right then I look again after a couple more rows and it looks like my two year old has tried. I am rubbish at reading patterns and haven’t found the video tutorials much help.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Past Crocheted bits

These are a few examples of my past crochet.  :)

Also have made: 3 blankets,couple of scarfs,and a few other bits

Crap dentist

So after being in agnoy for the last month, i finally went back to the dentist about my fillings i had done. I thought at first i had got a infection, or needed another filling. The pain i was in was unbearable. I was sweating constantly,crying and felt sick. The dentist had a quick look and said it was a trapped nerve, from where the other dentist had put the fillings in wrong!! Grrr now i have to be sedated again to have the filling taken out and relieve the pressure. Fucking asshole

Hook case

Yay i finished a project. A crochet hook case in purples.The pic is ment to be purple but camera flash distorted colour. I got the idea from a pattern but did not follow it. Gonna do another one now i know what to expect.


Found a technique that i really want to try its called Enterlac.It looks fantastic.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Me and Connor made cakes and biccys today. Around four plates of the damned things. Some of them were slightley burnt but then everything i cook is normally burnt to a cinder. I dont have a timer on my cooker so i wait till the fire alarm goes off to tell me its done :D


I had one hell of a migraine yesterday. My partner made me go to bed before 9:30pm. I sure needed it though as i slept almost 12 hours. I had some very weird dreams though. I remeber bits about them. Something about a dragon i had to ask something,but it was drunk and kept chargrilling people. Something about a car crash in which we all survived but ended up in a wildness camp with a bunch of crazies. Who kept trying to dance with us. The only sane person there was dwayne johnson (a former pro wrestler) who every few minutes would give me a teddy and a blanket and tell me it was nap time. Not a clue what any of it ment but woke up very confused.

Connors getting on well with his glasses, other then the fact his bitten the plastic bits off that go on his nose. He can defiently see better now and has a tantrum if i dont give them to him first thing in the morning.

My teeth are really killing. Its been a month now, my gums wont stop bleeding, my teeth are more sensitive now then they were when the nerve was exposed. Im having to use the tooth paste for todlers as when i use adult ones even for sensitve teeth i end up crying where they hurt so much.

I have been crocheting like mad this week and have been thinking about starting a crocheting blog. I might just keep it all on here though as it makes it less stressful

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Connors MRI

Connor had his MRI today for the mole on his back. Bloody long day I was up at 430am to get everything ready. The sedation worked very well and this time we managed to get the scan done with no problems. Yay. Our nurse was amazing, a true star. Connor came round from the sedation pretty quickly. We were home by 3-4ish. His gone to bed early as his still shattered, and so am I lol.

Connor sedated

Connor still wobbly from sedation

Connors MRI Pre Assessment

Connor has an appointment with a sedation person today for a pre assessment for his MRI on Thursday. He has a hairy mole on the small of his back right near the base of his spine. The doctors are worried that some hairs could be growing on the inside and will interfere with spine. They tried to do an MRI before whilst he was mildly sedated, but a stupid nurse decieced to wake him and start talking to him while we was putting him on the MRI table. So the MRI couldn’t be done. 6hours up the hospital and he was sedated for nothing. This time no one will be holding or touching him other than me. I won’t let him be sedated for nothing again. If anyone does wake him up then I will be making an official complaint against that person.

*was ment to be posted 07/09/2010*

Tuesday, 7 September 2010


On Sunday we went out for a works day out with my partners work mates. We went to Chessington world of adventures. It was a great day, even though I spent the entire day in so much pain all I wanted to do was throw up. We didn’t go on any of the big rides, but did go on some of the smaller ones with my son. It was great to see him having so much fun. One of my favourite parts was the bird feeding part. You get to walk through where all the birds are and they eat out of your hands. They are so sweet. My son wasn’t too sure about them but my partner and I loved them. Sealife was good too. We have some amazing photos, which I will post at the end of this. Things to remember next time we go is to take my damned crutches as my partner forgot them and also Connors big pushchair as it can take my weight and I don’t have to use crutches with it. Oh yeah and don’t leave the radio on in the car when we park up as we ended up waiting for the RAC to come and rescue us.....Again.
Feeding the birdies
Me and Connor on the dragon boats

Name change

I finally decided on a name, with help from my mum. It’s a long standing joke between us that we both need to be wrapped in bubble wrap so we don’t hurt ourselves or other people. So the name just seemed to fit.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

busy busy busy

My Aunt had a birthday BBQ this weekend, which was great to be able to go to a party and know that I’m not the only one that’s going to be covered in bruises bandages and on crutches. As most of her friends were too. No one looked at me funny when I dislocated my wrist trying to swat a giant wasp. (I got it too, with a lighter)

We went on our first family camping trip. Wow I thought camping was meant to be relaxing. All we did was stress out at each other, got lost, couldn’t find what we needed, as it was his bright idea to buy everything we needed on the way tent included. Ended up taking nearly 6 hours to do a hour and a half drive *face palm*. Dinner was crap, my son wee’d on me and was up screaming half the night. On the plus side I got pretty drunk which helped with the not liking camping and creepy crawlies. Also got to know my partners family and friends a bit more. Looks like well be going again. This time I’ll be taking more painkillers as managed to dislocate my rib, not too sure how but I think it maybe something to do with our camp bed. Or my partner’s brother coming into the tent early in the morning and shouting “FIRE” at the top of his voice.

My son had his first eye test. Not good results he needs glasses and maybe an operation. Not good the eye lady said he had the eye sight of an 80yr old not good when his not long turnt 2 . We should be picking up some temporary glasses which is half the prescription he needs till we can see a specialist. Connor seems to like glasses which are a good thing just wondering if the novelty is going to wear off, then we have hell trying to keep them on him. Or if as he will be able to see better his going to be into everything and anything and drive me mental as his going to be getting into trouble. We chose Mr Tickle glasses they look sweet but it’s so strange seeing him in glasses.