Sunday, 22 August 2010

Dentist update

Its been a few days since i had the dreaded dentist. Im slowly starting to remember things that i had forgot,silly little things really. The car ride up there managing to smoke nearly 6 cigerates in half hour, i feel sorry for the dentist as i didnt have any mints with me,which will explain why my lungs feel like i have been in a fire. The look on the sedative persons face when she asked about my medical history, hehe classic “what???” then having to explain in lamemans terms what EDS is and how it effects me. My dad rolling his eyes when she asked me how to spell it. The dentist warning me that if i am violent or abusive again he wont treat me. Honestly it was only once or twice.

I could finally feel my nose nearly 2 days later. I can smile normally, or what i count as normally its been a long time since i had the confidence to smile. Thanks to a addiction to energy drinks most of my front teeth had started to rot. So i stopped smiling. It feels weird to start again. A nice weird though. My teeth are super sensitive, i must be the only person to carry a straw around with me so i can drink without pain. Its slowly getting better, i had ice cream today which killed but was so worth it.

My partner goes back to work tommro. His been at home for a week as he had to use holiday up. Its the longest we have ever spent together,gonna miss him when he leaves tommrow. But will be nice to have time to dance around in my undies without him thinking im mad.

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