Monday, 8 November 2010

warning:bad spelling

Wow thats a good start. I use microsoft word to write my blog then copy and paste after spell checker has done its magic. Its crashed. So i am truely sorry for any typos/spelling/grammer problems.

Ok so update time. I have done no arty bits no cross stitch no crocheting. I am how ever thinking abouta new project im hoping to start in january. Quilting. I have never tried this and have been reading up on it. I souds very complicated and i think will take me the best part of a year to complete. I have different ideas on the style of it but havent completley made up my mind yet.

My health isnt great. Even more so now the colder weather has started to kick in. all i want to do is sleep and watch the world go by. I love winter none the less. There is something about the way the streets are empty at night. Watching snow fall, my street flood, and then theres xmas!!! I cant wait for xmas to get here. The look on connors face as he opens his presents is gonna make the highlight of the year for me.

I am pleased to report that my mind is less frazzled then it was on my last post. Connor has managed to total his glasses again. This time by headbutting the wall as he fell over. Another trip up town for me asap. He is enjoyng nursery and has grown in so many ways since started bearing in mind this is his secound week. His speech is amazing his using animal nioses, his even sleeping better.

I will be adding a poll to here as soon as i can work out how to do it. Keep a eye out as it could improve things around here for you lot instead of my ramblings i will be adding new topics to the top bar thingy. I was thinking along the lines of informatin into EDS, tips and tricks, backstory, helpful pages and groups for informatin or help. Let me know what you think. As alot of the time i dont know what to write about.

Sorry again about my spelling. :)

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