Thursday, 18 November 2010

One of my biggest cosmetic problems is dealing with the endless bruising that is part and package of EDS. It’s an absolute nightmare. I woke up this morning with a bruise on my inner leg the size of an orange. How it got there, well your guess is as good as mine. It wouldn’t be such a problem but I have only just started to get rid of the bruising from falling down the stairs awhile ago. Which is the reason for my absence. My little trip has given a lot more time to work on crafty bits. I have major problems with my cross stitch at the moment as nothing seems to be right. I think I have used the wrong grey for one of the wolves, the sky don’t seem in the right position. The only thing that seems vaguely right is the tree which I have only got half way through. I’m considering starting all over again providing that I can unstitch it without damaging the Aida. I really want to get it finished before my next project arrives. A Xmas stocking for my son cross stitched with polar bears and presents. I think it will be a mad dash to get it finished ready for Santa to fill up.

I have had an eye test and pick up new glasses on Wednesday which will make things easier. The doctor said about putting me on beta blockers to try to stop my migraines, I’ll admit I’m a bit worried about taking them. Let’s just hope they will help.

Nap time project

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