Monday, 29 November 2010


It’s been awhile since I last posted. So here’s the quick low down of what I have been up to in the time I have vanished.

I fell out of the bath. It’s easier said than done. Falling in the bath is easy falling out takes real talent, baby I have that talent!!! I managed to dislocate my knee in the process and have a few extra bruises to add the works.

We pulled up the carpet in the hall way which meant I have spent the last 2 nights out of my mind due to the chemical cleaner we had to use to get the sticky stuff up. I honestly can’t believe that stuff is


We have a new kitten... She’s roughly 9weeks old. So feisty, cute, and looks a damn sight better then when we got her. She was flea ridden had ticks under weight and couldn’t clean herself. In the 4 days we have had her she has learnt to clean herself, steadily putting on a little bit of weight. She is so clumsy as while trying to play with one of our other cats she fell off the table head first and busted her tooth so that now pointing the wrong way and is going to cost almost £200. To put right. We haven’t manage to find a name that suits her so please feel free to leave a comment or message me any name ideas or suggestions you have. If I choose a name from you then I will be giving you a little surprise, nothing big.

It’s nearly Xmas. He he are you as excited as me? I can’t wait. We got our first lot of snow today. It was pathetic and within 2 hours had pretty much melted, snowed. Hopefully the first lot of loads. I’m not normally a snow person I like to look at it, but when I spend most of my life on crutches it makes things that are already hard for me seem impossible. Instead of clambering down the shop for some bread, I’m out travelling frozen wastelands looking for the lost treasure of some long dead pirate. Braving freezing temperatures, hidden patches of ice that are intend on slipping me up. Pretty to look at but deadly.

Pathetic snow
I have an appointment due to come through sometime next year with a neurologist. Should be interesting. It’s in London again which is going to be a problem but hopefully we get lost again. I can’t afford another £50. Taxi fair just because we didn’t know where we parked.

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