Thursday, 7 October 2010

Wow it’s been a busy 9 days. Been doing lots of cross stitch. Done half a tree and some of the sky the wolf has his back ridge....kind of. I’ve been trying enterlac again I think I’m getting the hang of it. Still not how I think it should be but it’s looking more even. My son has been trying too eventually he got bored and started using them as drumsticks.

Cross stitch so far

Connor crocheting....kinda

Had appointment with a specialist in London. Travel was a nightmare, my son was a nightmare, and the appointment was a nightmare. Not particularly happy so I’m making an appointment with my rheumy tomorrow morning. I was happy with the person I saw today asking for blood tests and x-rays which had all been completed with-in 2 hours. Normally I would have to make another appointment to have them done so was amazing to get them done in one go. We had MacDonald’s for lunch which we had to eat sat on the pavement as there was no seating; I ended up with a hell of a numb bum. I have a lovely bruise from the blood tests, 2nd time lucky she managed to get blood from me. First time in years anyone has managed it that easy.

Blood test bruise


  1. Wow impressive bruise. Finally after 46 years I have found at my local surgery a wonderful phlebotomist who has told me that the secret to taking blood from me is to use a peadriactric needle - it really really helps. I am sorry the appointment was a nightmare - I have had them also believe me, a particularly memorable one some years ago now in London which actually means I haven't seen a proper specialist in EDS in years. Maybe a silly decision but I found the travelling, the times of the appointment etc. so stressful. I cannot imagine what this was like with little ones in tow. You have my complete empathy.

    Take care.

  2. hi thanks for you comment. briuse has gone a nasty shade of greenish purple now. my mum thought it was a love bite O.o
    sorry to hear you had a bad time too. i spoke to my partners mum yesterday who said i can stay at hers when i have london appiontments as as she lives on the outskirts of london so far less traveling. will suggest the peadriactric needle next time i have tests. thank you :)