Sunday, 17 October 2010

Making the effort makes all the difference

Yesterday was a good day. I got a lay in thanks to my lovely partner. Managed to get most the housework done, while my partner got the car cleaned ready for our road trip today. My mum is also disabled due to EDS tonight she will be going to her first concert in over 20 years. Why? Because someone outside the family actually asked her to go. People stopped making an effort not long after mum had to start using walking sticks almost 12 years ago. This lady who is taking my mum is a single parent struggling to raise a teenage boy alone, is struggling to put herself through college, yet she took the time out to think about my mum. She has phoned ahead and got disabled access. It’s amazing how thoughtful someone can be. One little act of kindness as made my mum’s month. The depression she was going through has lifted, even if its temporary it’s nice to see my “old” mum back just how she used to be. I and my partner will be taking them to London later today. Can’t wait to see her face when they come out.

I’m making good progress on my new project the stripy scarf for my sister. It’s looking goooood hehe .

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