Wednesday, 2 February 2011


It’s been awhile. I know bad me. I got into a kind of funk and it’s been pretty damned hard to try and shake it.

We have one hell of a busy day tomorrow. 3 hospital appointments all regarding different things. Connor has his check up with a specialist growth doctor. I have a long-awaited appointment with my rheumy ad my partner has to have a tooth out. 1 doctors appointment for me for minor surgery. So it’s going to be a busy busy day.

The little things.

Hugs and kisses and smiles are what keep me going. No matter how much pain I’m in just one little smile, one “arms around the neck hug” one snotty wet kiss. Gives me the strength to fight back. When I’m in so much pain I’m crying in the toilet just a peck on the cheek from Connor and for him to say its all better gives me the strength to carry on. If it wasn’t for those little moments I would have given up a long time ago. His my everything. He truly is. See it’s truly the little things that can make your day worthwhile. Make all the pain disappear for a second. I am truely grateful for such a wonderful caring son.

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